Credit Card Or Secured Credit Card? Which One Is Best For My Lifestyle

Are you thinking about if you need to apply for a credit card? The answer quite simply is ‘Yes’ – you need to apply for a charge card (that is true for many people).

The credit cards appear to have altered our lives. In reality, an individual can term credit cards because of a revolution.

Nowadays, you find advertisements in TV/newspapers/website/stores and nearly anywhere and anyplace; all requesting you to apply for a credit card. Actually, the majority of us have several credit cards. Everybody appears to use for a credit card.

There are a whole lot of advantages related to credit cards nonetheless, the most significant advantage is the advantage they provide.

This would not have been the case a couple of decades back when not many retailers accepted credit cards. But today, most retailers do accept credit cards.

So, rather than carrying a great deal of money on you (that can be both inconvenient and dangerous ), you may simply carry a little bit of vinyl with you.

In addition, you get interested free credit i.e. you do not need to pay the bills until the upcoming monthly billing cycle. Thus, you can purchase now and pay later (if your wages arrives) — a fantastic reason to make an application for a credit card.

To add to this, there are particular retailers offering interest-free instalment payment program i.e. that you may make a huge purchase now and pay for it in instalments in your charge card.

So credit cards function as instantaneous long-term loan also (not only a monthly charge ). This can be made possible by the tie-ups involving credit card companies and the retailers. Therefore credit cards offer many advantages.

There are a variety of ways that you are able to apply for a credit card you may apply for a credit card in person, you are able to apply for a credit card online and you are able to apply for a charge card on phone also (by requesting the agent to meet you).

To apply for a charge card, then you’ll have to recharge a credit card application form (that is simple to fill and also the agents of the charge card company will help you in this ). When applying for a charge card, then you essentially enter into an arrangement with the credit card provider (the kind that you fill once you apply for a charge card is really an arrangement ).

When you’ve filed your application, the credit card provider conducts particular checks to ascertain your authenticity; and when all is good, you get the credit card.

Thus, applying for a credit card is simple and also to apply for a charge card or to not apply for a credit card is an issue of private option.

Simply browse through the daily paper and you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of credit card offers advertised. So, the credit card supplies are there anyplace. Why are there a lot of credit card offers? Well, quite simply because the credit card company is an extremely lucrative business for your credit card providers.

In this circumstance, if there isn’t any dearth of credit card offers, that’s the very best credit card offer?


The spending habits of a single individual are not the same as that of someone else. Their dwelling styles vary and therefore their needs vary also.

Therefore for determining which credit card offer is right for you, you want to rate your requirements vis-à-vis your lifestyle and your spending habits (and not go only from the recommendation of somebody ).

By way of instance, in the event that you frequently travel by air, then a co-branded airline credit card may be more suited to you compared to general purpose.

These airline credit cards offer discounts, rebates and another sort of benefits once the charge card is used for making payments (the benefits are even higher when those charge cards have been used for paying for your airline tickets or alternative airline goods ).

In the same way, in case you’ve got a favourite retail shop in which you do a great deal of your purchasing, it’d be beneficial to assess whether the merchant is a charge card provider too and when there’s a credit card deal that satisfies you personally.

A good deal of large retail chains do provide co-branded charge cards for their clients and these credit cards offer rebates/discounts etc. when they’re employed for making payments in the retail shop. Therefore, you receive reward points for making payments in any given location, but the benefits are more significant on the obligations made at the retail shop. Are you looking for an online car title loan? Check how to get instant online title loan.

On similar lines, we’ve got credit cards such as gas stations and grocery stores also, which you may opt for if you’ve got a favourite gas station or some favourite grocery store where you store a lot.

Consequently, if you look around, you’ll discover a good deal of profitable credit card supplies. But this does not indicate that you register for all of the credit card offers. Then you have to assess precisely what all credit card features to suit your requirements. And finally, you are able to make your decision and proceed to get a credit card offer that covers all your wants and gives maximum advantages.

A number of people, however, do not enjoy the concept of being in debt. This is where the notion of a secured credit card comes from.

Secured credit cards are just another remarkably common breed of charge cards. Well, they are procured to your credit card provider, really. This cash balance functions as a safety for the provider of a credit card. Your credit limit is determined by the sum you hold from the accounts you have started with the provider of a bonded credit card. In that way, secured credit cards don’t really charge cards (because they do not offer you any charge actually ). Because of this, the credit cards are sometimes also called debit cards.

Why is the idea of secured credit cards so significant?

As we all know, credit card debt is a raging problem that’s due to improper use of credit cards. Such men and women end up devoting their credit score to a degree where they can’t get another unsecured credit card (that’s what we call the widely used credit cards).

Even once they’ve paid their dues off and stripped their debt, their credit score still disturbs them.

Secured credit cards provide them with a chance to not just receive a credit card in the first place but also to enhance their credit score using the secured credit card in a way (paying their dues in time, controlled spending, using a maximum of 70 per cent credit limitation etc ).

As they continue with such excellent customs, their credit score slowly improves over a time period. Thus secured credit cards supply them with the way of rectifying their errors (credit score ).

It isn’t only the people with terrible credit score who proceed for secured credit cards. Many folks opt for secured credit cards since they do not wish to bother themselves with all the invoices etc for charge cards. They do not like to fill-up software types for unsecured credit cards.

Then there are those people who simply don’t want to borrow cash (even though it means borrowing from a credit card provider using their credit card). However, such men and women are extremely rare to discover.

Some folks go for secured credit cards since they’ve heard a lot of dreadful tales on credit card debt — possibly someone in their loved ones or among the buddies was crushed by credit card debt and they do not wish to repeat the error. So they opt to go to get a secured credit card.

No matter the reason behind going for this, the credit cards are definitely popular also Refinancing your mortgage | What you need to know?